There’s nothing wrong with you!


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Pharmaceutical companies are joining gynaecologists and general physicians in calling for a drug to treat Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). The call comes as many of the physicians were not pleased with the treatments available for Hypoactive Sexual Disorder, loss of libido or sexual desire.

I’d just like to say, please don’t be too concerned about this!

The problem with Western medicine is that it treats the symptoms rather than the cause. So although the drugs will give you a greater libido or sexual desire or whatever it is you are apparently lacking, this treatment is not natural and will not deal with the source of the problem!

These companies are also implying that a lack of libido is a bad thing that needs to be treated. So if you don’t feel like having sex there’s something wrong with you.

You have to remember that no one knows your body better than you do. If you feel that having a low sexual desire is because something is wrong, it is likely that there is something wrong, but taking something to rectify the symptom is not going to rectify the fact that you’re tired, or stressed, or fatigued due to lack of exercise or poor diet, or because of any number of other reasons.

Another important thing to remember is that everyone is different! Your sexual desire might not be the same as someone else’s, but big pharma would love for you to feel insecure about your libido. You’ll be paying them for the pills, and they’ll be clicking their heels to the bank.



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