I don’t think a pill will solve my FSDD…

Sadly for you, I am returning to a topic I touched upon in my post last week that insisted there was nothing wrong with us women regarding sexual health, no matter how different we all are to each other.

The issue has become controversial because of the opposing views of several sides for and against labelling women’s sexual issues as female sexual dysfunction disorder.

Many are wondering whether the disorder is a “dream” of big pharmaceutical companies who are hoping to make money off of a female version of viagra.

There is a lot of debate about whether female sexual problems should be made into medical problems, and concerns have been raised about incorrect prescriptions made and women assessed along lines too similar to those used to diagnose erectile dysfunction in men.

My argument is that for women, enjoying sex is not just a physical thing. As my lover often tells me, he could easily sleep with another woman and his feelings would never get in the way. But sex is something completely different for women: there are feelings involved; there’s a certain amount of compassion and need involved; we feel as though we need to be closer to someone.

Men are sometimes really only interested in relief.

I heard a lovely description of the female orgasm once – it isn’t as simple as rubbing the right spot:

– the woman is intrigued by the man of her desire, appealing to her mind;

– she is pleased with what she sees, appealing to her eyes; she savours his scent, appealing to her nose;

– she feels his lips on hers and tastes him, appealing to her mouth and throat;

– his nearness causes her heart to flutter; the trust she has just shown him enters her solar plexus;

– she becomes hungry for him; she feels a connection to his genetics as her polar opposite through her loins; and

– finally her orgasm reaches through her base to shoot up her spine and through her spirit.

Do you think the problem of not having an orgasm is purely physical then?  Do you think it could be solved with a little pink pill?

Perhaps the symptoms could be, but then we’d just be men.

Photo by vichie81 from FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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