When he’s away

Woman faceThere are certainly times when your lover is not with you for a while.

I know you miss him terribly – the bed is cold; the room is silent; you are thinking about him and missing his smell, his taste…

As you lie there, you decide you need some satisfaction. But, if you’re in a committed relationship, is there any satisfaction to be had?

Of course there is! As I’ve explained before, satisfying yourself is the first step to discovering your own sexuality. The most important points to remember are:

– There’s nothing wrong with exploring your body;

– Do what makes you feel the best: I know my lover has these images in his head that women use practically their whole hands inside and around their delicate areas (a la pornography), but if all you need is a little clitoral stimulation, that’s ok!

– Breathe deeply – this intensifies the feeling and gives you more of an intense orgasm.

Things you can try include using a well-purchased toy – if you like them, of course – rub yourself through your panty to give you that first-time feel, restrict your legs (ie we all open our legs when we enjoy making love – try to keep your legs open-yet-closed), or try masturbating in a different part of the house, like in your office chair or in the bath.

Let me know if you’ve tried these techniques? And how did they feel?


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