FSD: companies are selling us a disorder

You know me and my argument against female sexual dysfunction (FSD).

The latest in my research regarding this subject is an article that talks about Charletta, a happily married woman who was obviously desperate to have an orgasm on a regular basis. She went so far as to have an experimental electrode threaded up near her spinal cord, but was disappointed when all it did was stimulate her left knee reflex.

Sexual health pundits are telling women all over the world that they cannot have an orgasm because they suffer from FSD.

But even filmmaker Liz Canner disagrees. She says that aside from the pharmaceutical companies trying to sell us a drug to cure our dysfunction, they are really trying to sell us a disorder. The companies met in the late 1990s, and described FSD broadly as any sex-related anxiety, indifference or unfulfillment a woman experienced in a year. So, if you’re feeling off twelve times a year as a result of your period and you’re indifferent to having sex at that moment, you have FSD. If your cervix is swollen just after your period and your anxious about having sex because there may be some pain, you have FSD. If you can’t reach an orgasm because you’re not turned on, you have FSD.

Now all this discussion about FSD is causing women all over the world to think there is something wrong with them. Case in point: a college student who had “vaginal rejuvenation surgey” – made her vagina tighter – so that she could have an orgasm. Sadly for her she ended up in hospital with a hemorrhage – it is after all quite a sensitive spot you’re working on.

I still adamantly stick to my original opinion that there is nothing wrong with you if you cannot reach orgasm a lot of the time. Most women don’t. Imagine the lucrative profits these companies would make if the majority of women believed that a pill could “cure” them? I would imagine they would market the drug as a long-term remedy, i.e. use for an extended period of time, and buy many many many containers of pills before feeling the effects.

Or maybe women will just become addicted to the false sensations. Orgasms are nice after all.

Photo by Graeme Weatherston from FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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