My ideas for treating FSD

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I do apologise if I’m going on about this Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) thing too much – if I am, please feel free to complain! 😉

Anyway, BioSante Pharmaceuticals Inc has apparently presented “critical” date on the need for medication for this problem. The “data” relates to the fact that a large number of the physicians reported they hear about 37 unsolicited inquiries from women regarding sexual dysfunction a month. They have until now been treating these women with doses of male hormone testosterone.

These physicians were also not happy with the lack of options for them to prescribe to their patients.

But that is the problem with the Western world, isn’t it? They focus on treating symptoms instead of treating the cause.

Of course, I don’t really come from any professional stance, since I’m not a doctor or anything. But even though I suffer from a lack of libido at times, I am in tune enough with my body to know that it is because I’m emotional, or sensitive, or tired, or whatever.

I am in no position to prescribe treatments for supposed FSD, but I would give you an idea of what I try:

– Spend some time on your own – perhaps you need to regroup;
– Relax and spoil yourself;
– Change your diet;
– Do some exercise;
– Stay away from cereal in the morning – you do know it was invented to quieten the sexual appetite, right?

Let me know how you feel after a few weeks?

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