Personal Experience – Toys

Before I’d been with my current lover, I had never used any toys – I was satisfied with my experiences of satisfying myself, as I simply had no  problem reaching satisfaction.

He bought me a purple dildo – because I love purple – but it unfortunately had the exact same purple colouring as a certain dinosaur we all know. Thus, it was called Barney.

I’d only tried to use Barney once, but the cold feeling isn’t really to my taste and I certainly prefer clitoral stimulation. Perhaps I should try one with a dolphin…

Anyhow, my lover has a penchant for these toys – we purchased a rather large dildo from the store which, though sadly lacking a dolphin or the ability to vibrate, it came complete with veins and testicles. This is my lover’s toy of choice. He alternates between it – dubbed Bob for some reason – and his own cock, but he’s explained that using the dildo gives him a break, prolonging his own moment of release.

Plus, he gets a view he wouldn’t ordinarily get.

Would you give this a go?


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