Are you very jealous or protective over your lover?

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According to recent studies, it seems the more of a choice you have regarding whom you give your love has a correlation with how jealous or overprotective you are.

Called mate guarding, this behaviour is more prevalent among people whose marriage or relationship has been mostly arranged by their parents, such as in Muslim or Indian cultures. The behaviour aims to guarantee paternity of children. The behaviour could be seen in the veils that women in these cultures wear once they are married and various other behaviours that limit the contact a wife or husband might have with a member of the other sex.

The reason that mate guarding becomes a facet of relationships like these is because the partners are never certain about the feelings of their partners for them. Their love and affection is not guaranteed because they didn’t earn it, and their relationships were arranged.

I must admit that in Western cultures this is clearly not so much the case. In our culture we even allow a certain amount of flirting by our partners with members of the opposite sex.

I do get jealous, but I would not force my lover to stay away from situations where he would not come into contact with other women. The most important thing in this regard is that both partners are completely honest with one another.

Have you ever felt as though you were subject to this mate guarding?

Do you think it has a lot to do with your partner’s relative insecurity regarding your feelings?

What is the most effective way that you could avoid this mate guarding behaviour, and do you think it has a place in society?

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