Are you in a benevolent sexist relationship?

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It was found in Granadan research that men were exonerated from sexual violence within the couple as long as the man was kind to his wife.

To explain the concept of “benevolent sexism”, it is used to describe when a man has apparently “positive” ideas and attitudes towards women, but these assumptions are based on the assumption that women are weaker than men and need their protection.

Under this guise, sexual violence within the couple is exonerated as, since the wife is his partner, it is his right to expect her to satisfy him and her duty to do so. As long as the man is protecting the woman and fulfilling this duty, it is acceptable.

What is important here is that this protection and affection might not be considered innocent, as it is the result of basically sexist views that women need their protection.

This goes back to the age-old premise that woman are inferior in every and cannot live without a man. What do you think about this research?

Photo by Ambro from


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