How important do you think talking with children about sex is?

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When I was about six, my mom took out the encyclopaedia and showed my sister and myself what sex is. Who knows where we even heard the word!

There is such a debate about whether children and parents should speak about sex, and many parents leave sex education to the teachers. Even though the media openly celebrates sex with lovemaking people strewn over billboards, magazines and television shows, the subject is still so taboo among families, to the point that children know nothing about what they’re seeing in the world.

I have to wonder though whether my sister and I were exposed to sex education too early. I was definitely interested earlier, but this openness with my parents is what kept me from being sexually exploratory too soon. Six might have been a better age though, because I managed to stay a virgin until I was in my early twenties. My sister would have been about four, and perhaps she was told too early, as she was sexual with other people much sooner than myself.

Regardless, the reason my mother told us so early is that she was born into the society where sex wasn’t even mentioned, let alone spoken about in an educating manner. My father gave my mother a book explaining her sexuality to her before they got married. Before that she didn’t know anything at all.

Do you think sex education is important for children? When is the right time to tell them? Do you think you should have been told earlier, and if you were, would you have restrained yourself? đŸ˜‰

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3 responses to “How important do you think talking with children about sex is?

  1. Or these days is it the other way round?

  2. That is true – children seem to be more ready to be open and honest with their parents about sex, but their parents are a little more conservative. I was just lucky I guess! What do you think?

  3. Parents get a little – let’s say- embarrassed I guess? It comes to ” Look this is what your Mom and I did.” It’s like you’re getting everyone together in the bedroom and bedrooms are particular about door locks. Or is it the ostrich syndrome? Is it that parents don’t like or are afraid to face some truths which could be unpleasant?
    How did human civilizations survive so long without parents having to talk sex with their kids?
    Or with today’s information on the net is it necessary to guide kids?
    You thinks peers are the main sex universities for kids?
    Or should we just leave them to discover for themselves?
    Or do you think, to avoid embarrassment to conservative parents there ought to be sex campaigns targeted to kids? Kind of public interest campaigns?
    Or do we leave it to trials and errors and pains which eventually get kids to graduate to higher levels of awareness?
    Or should parent teach their kids the good old moral guidelines left behind by our ancestors and let the kids browse through the world with some rules in their DNAs?
    I prefer the ethical/moral guidelines method. And when the kids get hit by a sex tsunami I can then say, I told you pal but didn’t listen. But these days kids will only listen to backlash they get.
    Then you’ve got to be there like a celestial sex sage and say, ” You closed your ears pal!”
    ” Now listen…”

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