Tip – Use color when making love

I’m sure you know about color therapy: that a certain color can affect the way you’re feeling.

Well, you can also apply this to making love by choosing the colors of your clothes for a particular purpose.

When you wear red, it symbolizes both love and infatuation. It can also inspire passion and excitement.

Pink is the color that symbolizes sexuality, while it is also a color that men find attractive on a woman.

Wearing purple is also attractive to a man, as it symbolizes sensuality and also shows you’re in the mood to be a little naughty.

Silver attracts a man’s eyes to you constantly and makes you feel more powerful as you make love. Black is also a color that affects your emotions, making you feel wild, sexy and perfect, and men also love black because it’s naughty.

Try wearing a color that reflects the way you feel, or the way you want to feel, or the way you want your man to feel!

How did it go? I would love to know!

Photo by Roland Darby from FreeDigitalPhotos.net


8 responses to “Tip – Use color when making love

  1. And what about music?

  2. Of course you can use music! What music do you like?

  3. Ha! Ha! Firstly, let me compliment you. You are intelligent and interesting. Few women blogs are this interesting. It’s heady mix of erotica, sex and brains that addresses key issues. Hats off. As a guy I am learning from you.

    MUSIC. I am a hard core rock fan. Hard rock is my home. Now, I know that very few girls or women like hard rock. I know it and I push my taste on them. Then soft rock- here the women votes increase and the percentage is high. Romantic songs- I love them too. I imagine the woman I love and I imagine the moments, the feelings, the romance and the settings and I wish I could sing those songs. Eric Clapton’s ‘Wonderful’ tonight seem to be a timeless hit with women. I like it too.
    Country music – I like it too. Jazz , I don’t like. Classical music, I do like to hear once in a while.
    But during tender sex and in the bedroom, I fantasize romantic songs being played. When it’s going to be passionate hard sex, I’d like to put rock on. Do you have any suggestions?

    • You seem to have my suggestion down to scratch already, but I’d say pick the music you’re in the mood for or would like to be in the mood for. If you’re not in a sensual mood, the wonder of music is that, just by being in the background, it can put you in that sensual mood, and combined with your lover – now that’s magic!

  4. OOPs mistake – I DON”T push rock on women.

  5. Yes Ma’am, Music has the power of taking you into a magical world of its own… I agree…

  6. So let it be romance…

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