More about the Pic of the Week – March 5

Women are always at the center of life.

Women in Iran in the 15th century could attend intellectual discussions, though it was unusual, but female scholars decreased in the 15th century. Marriages were more frequent back then, with some women in Egypt and Syria marrying more than once – even sometimes more than three times. It appears that as many as three out of ten marriages in the 15th century in Egypt ended in divorce.

In the Quran, women are regarded as the equals of men before God in terms of their religious duties, while men are still responsible for their care. However, it stresses that men and women were created for each other’s mutual benefit.

The religious text also considers the love between men and women to be a sign of God. Some believe that Islam joins sexual pleasure within marriage, and a high value is placed on female chastity.

For more about Women in Islam, click here.


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