Labiaplasty’s popularity a concern


By Lamilli

Medical experts have raised concern about the increased number of labiaplasties performed on women. For those who don’t know what this is yet, it’s making yourself a designer vagina.


More worryingly is that women are turning to private providers for these surgeries, because some of them are depressed or on medication and professionals are turning them away.

Labiaplasty can assist with functional problems, such as discomfort during sex, but many going to private companies are seeking purely cosmetic changes. This places them at risk because firstly, the industry is not regulated, and secondly, botched procedures can result in permanent scarring, bleeding, infections, irritation or too much or too little sensitivity if the nerves are damage.

Furthermore, private providers could operate on vulnerable women who really need therapy.

The article says,

Cosmetic surgeon Angelica Kavouni carries out three labiaplasties a week, for which she charges £3 000 an operation. She said: “A lot who come to me for labiaplasty are depressed and some are on medication. That’s a major issue, because you shouldn’t have cosmetic surgery when you are like that”.

What would you do?


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