Nude therapist arouses interest

Photo by Vlado from FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Manhattan therapist Sarah White has taken an unusual approach to giving men therapy: she takes off her clothing.

Her nude online sessions cost $150 a session, and are aimed at men, who are notoriously difficult to get into therapy at all.

Men are treated for a variety of relationship complaints and sexual maladies. The men start off with sessions where she is onscreen, then graduate to two-way online sessions, and finally to face-to-face appointments.

Although she calls it therapy, clinical psychologist Diana Kirschner has called it “interactive soft-core Internet porn”.

What do you think of the idea?

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3 responses to “Nude therapist arouses interest

  1. lthough she calls it therapy, clinical psychologist Diana Kirschner has called it “interactive soft-core Internet porn”.

    EXACTLY. Now I am a guy and that idea of her stripping is what atttracts me. So she’s charging $150 for that. A simple. As the sheep ogle with drools dripping down, I am sure she’s going intellectualize the whole show with some synthetic sex therapy talk.
    And where will the guys end up? On her internet strip show with $150 less in their pockets?
    Basically she’s a stripper on an intellectual stripping trip.

    End result = Sex fantasies.

    • I tend to think that either the men will go for it once or twice until they get bored, or not go for it at all. $150 is a lot of money to see a lady naked on your screen and then still have to listen to her talk and answer questions.

  2. In fact from a marketing point of view what that woman is doing is brilliant. I must admire her business idea. Basically her brand package is to offer a mind solution with body thrills. You are right when you say that guys will soon realize the uselessness of watching her strip – unless she really has some substance in her therapy sessions. But I doubt because if she did she wouldn’t need a selling gimmick. It would be interesting to see how she’s doing. Innovative baby, I must say.

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