Tips – Be happy!

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Although a bit off-topic, 160 studies on the link between a good state of mind and longevity show that happier people are healthier and live longer.

As an example, they proffer a study of 5 000 university students, whom were followed throughout their lives. The students who were more pessimistic died younger.

So, my tips on being happy are:

– Be grateful for what you have, because many people don’t even have that.

– Look around you and appreciate the beauty of the world, be it a ray of sunshine coming into your room or a flower on the side of the road.

– Stop thinking in terms of “I can’t” and think in terms of “I deserve”. All humans deserve to be happy and healthy, to have a job they love, hobbies they enjoy and a happy relationship. When you stop thinking of these things in the way that you can’t have them, they will make their way to you.

– Believe that everything happens for a reason. Doors that have been closed to you only open other doors, but you need to be aware of their existence, otherwise they’ll disappear.

– Get a pet! Feeling responsible for and looking after another creature gives you a feeling that you’re needed. And it has been proven that people with pets are happier. It doesn’t have to be a dog if you don’t like dogs – there are many things that you can devote yourself to.

– Go outside. Fresh air will help clear your mind, and walking on the earth will ground you. Take your pet out for a walk – even if it’s an iguana!

– Masturbate! 🙂 This has an uncanny way of making you feel better! Promise!

Photo by Lavoview from


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