More about the Pic of the Week – March 12


Aeneas and Dido

Aeneas and Dido


The Aenied tells the story of one of the last survivors of Troy, Aeneas. He is told to found the next major Trojan city, and he happens upon Queen Dido of Carthage.

They fall in love, but much like all the other tragic romances in Greek legend, Aeneas leaves her, and she commits suicide by throwing herself off a pinnacle of her palace.

Happy story I know! 😉

Here is the passage to which the image alludes to:

Meantime, the gath’ring clouds obscure the skies:
From pole to pole the forky lightning flies;
The rattling thunders roll; and Juno pours
A wintry deluge down, and sounding show’rs.
The company, dispers’d, to converts ride,
And seek the homely cots, or mountain’s hollow side.
The rapid rains, descending from the hills,
To rolling torrents raise the creeping rills.
The queen and prince, as love or fortune guides,
One common cavern in her bosom hides.
Then first the trembling earth the signal gave,
And flashing fires enlighten all the cave;
Hell from below, and Juno from above,
And howling nymphs, were conscious of their love.
From this ill-omen’d hour in time arose
Debate and death, and all succeeding woes.

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