5 worst countries to be a woman in

It was International Women’s Day this week, which is supposed to celebrate how far women have come in the world with regards to equality.

But every day we are faced with news of all kinds of abuses. Lara Logan‘s experience was one of these, as are thousands of women’s every day. Some of us are still at the mercy of abuse.

AOL wrote a story about the five worst places to be born a a woman. Although it was made clear that it’s difficult to determine which countries these are, since we can use different aspects  – everything from humanitarian issues and economic conditions to cultural and religious biases and literacy rates.

But a popular modern index to use for the comparisons is the UN Development Program’s Gender Inequality Index, which measures labor market participation, empowerment and reproductive health.

The countries with the worst scores are:

Photo by Bernard Gagnon

1. Yemen

This little country has the worst score. The country is known for the “violence and discrimination” women face every day in the Arabian country. At least 46.3% of women in the country had been abused by either their spouses or a family member. Most of the acts take place in homes, and consist of everything from intimidation and sexual violence to emotional abuse and home arrest. Over 50% of women were regularly intimidated, and over 54.5% would be at risk of physical violence!

Congo demonstrants 2. Democratic Republic of Congo

Violence against women in the Congo has not ended, as evidenced by the recent mass rapes the rebels undertook in the country. Sexual violence has been used by a weapon of war by all sides, despite the women having nothing to do with the fighting.

Niarney, Niger capital3. Niger

In Niger, one in seven women will die in childbirth. Rapes and beatings of women is seen as “normal” behavior.


Photo by Martin Wegmann

4. Mali

This African country tried to improve women’s equality in the country. What happened? Widespread protests and street demonstrations against the movement. There is also still a firm belief in female genital mutilation.

v5. Afghanistan

Women’s rights are clearly not a priority in this country. Women are stoned for being raped, and they are the mercy of their husband’s and male family members’ whims. One woman had her nose and ears sliced off by her husband.

The best place to be born female: the Netherlands!



6 responses to “5 worst countries to be a woman in

  1. sunshinefreedomandalittleflower

    Thank you, for a really interesting post.

  2. What about Iran, other places in Africa and some Latin American countries? Just curious. Women in Afghanistan and Yemen are so beautiful that if they were my wife or girlfriends I would treat them as if they were more precious than gold. Sad.

    • The countries were determined through the UN’s Gender Equality Index. The countries I mentioned are in the top five, but I’m certain Iran, other places in Africa and Latin American countries figure somewhere quite high.

      The women are beautiful aren’t they? But it isn’t about whether they’re beautiful or not – it’s about how much power those men can exert over them.

  3. Listen Ma’am! Men just want a pussy. They are happiest with a pussy. I know of an abuse case in the US right now. I was thinking of countries xyz until now.Until a girl told me that she was brutally abused by ther father in the US. These girls don’t expose those perverts because they don’t want to hurt family. You get that? They are sensitive about their moms, sisters, brothers who can get a bad name if they expose them.That blog touched me. That girl was in agony from a tiny tot that she was. I cried and I am a guy. I wanted to hit the father left right and centre.. Her mom bhaved like a nitch too. Women do when they know where the fun and bread is butteres. They are 99% objects. 1% emotions.
    A girl is CRYING. You want to help her? Practically? I’ll give you her ID.

  4. Can I borrow that pic of Aeneas and Dido? I want to use it on my post. But need your permission.

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