Rape rhetoric persists

Sad woman

Photo by Graur Codrin from FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

The report last week about the 11-year-old girl who was raped by 18 men has me feeling sick to my stomach.

Adolescent boys and men in their 20s were videotaped assaulting the girl in an abandoned trailer.

The rhetoric of the article is sickening: it highlights the “star” quality of two of the suspects as being star athletes in the high school; residents told writers that the girl had been seen dressed “provocatively and in make-up”; people have blamed the parents for allowing her to be dressed the way she was; one woman even said “Maturity or not I’m pretty sure she knew what she was doing”.

It is this rhetoric that still makes rape acceptable in many parts of the world.

The victim is blamed for the act, and in this case it seemingly doesn’t matter that she is only 11 years of age, and in the eyes of the law she CANNOT consent to any sexual act. Having sex with a woman – or in this case a girl – who is dressed alluringly is okay, as it was for that Canadian gentleman.

How do you feel?

Photo by Graur Codrin from FreeDigitalPhotos.net


6 responses to “Rape rhetoric persists

  1. So why don’t you go fight them? Blogs won’t do good. Blogs sound IDEA. But useless. Go there, fight them. Can you? Or just blog talk?

  2. Yes I do feel terrible. What do you think the punishment for rapists should be?

  3. The girl was probably influenced by all the glam she sees in adult life. She was trying to be the image that celebrities models and the glam media portray. She was a little kid carried away in kiddish fantasies. Rape was something she mustn’t have even imagined. Not at that age. As for the rapists – the less said the better. Worse things happen in many parts of the world. That’s I was asking about a punishment that can act as a deterrent.

    Life imprisonment, death, castration? But what if these laws are misused? Sometimes girls have been known to falsely accuse guys to get back. this happens too. So opinions also say that life imprisonment is better because if a person is falsely accused and his name’s cleared he can atleast get compensation. In short, lust destroys rationality. Uncontrolled, it’s an animal force.

  4. You raise an interesting point – I don’t know if there really is a way to punish it so that it goes away. We punish murder and yet people still murder. And I agree with you that it will most likely be misused. Perhaps it all boils down to the fact that there’s no equality. No equality = unfair treatment.

  5. Now look at a guy’s perspective. Once a friend of mine made a very interesting but perverted point. He said when people hear of rape stories there’s a strange sexual excitement. Now it’s a fact that women too have their secret rape fantasies. NOW this is a tricky zone. No civilized person in their right sense would actually want to rape or if it’s a female- get raped. So, concluded my friend, the vulgarity of rape is sexy but the act is repulsive.
    The animal in a guy comes out when lust kind of forces itself in moment of absolute irrationality. The better and civilized people are able to scissor such thoughts, if any.

    How do we protect women ? Right now I feel a harsh law like castration can scare a guy. Really scares the shit out of a man. But we’ve got to be sure that the crime was genuine and not false.

    It’s terrible to see the depression a raped women goes through.


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