Have you ever thought about cheating on your lover?


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Perhaps I’m weird that way, but it never crosses my mind. When I get into a relationship, it is all or nothing. Besides, the absolute trust that is created between two partners, to me, is so sacred it should never be overlooked.

The key to getting over these feelings, I believe, is communication! If you don’t tell your lover that you’d like to try something different tonight, or talk to them about your attraction to someone else, your relationship will be placed at the bottom of your priority list, and cheating is inevitable.

Perhaps your feelings come from the fact that this person is giving you attention your lover is not giving you – compliments, attention, whatever. It should be your priority and your duty as the other half of a relationship you once wanted to work – otherwise you wouldn’t have made a commitment – to tell your partner that you are feeling this way because they are lacking in one or another department.

Believe me, unless your partner is truly not interested any longer, they will most certainly make reparations. Perhaps they did not realise they were ignoring you or whatever the case is, but the only way they can amend the situation is for you to tell them that they need to work harder.

My opinion, at least! 🙂

Photo by Vichie81 from FreeDigitalPhotos.net


4 responses to “Have you ever thought about cheating on your lover?

  1. Absolutely right. It’s all or nothing. But one point of yours bothers me. Do you think it’s a good idea to tell your lover of your attraction to someone else? It’s can be a seed of suspicion, a time bomb that can explode later. There, I have my anxieties.

    • If you like someone it’s one thing, but your gut will know whether you’re falling in love with that person. I believe that, when you start liking someone in that kind of way, you need to take stock of your current relationship, and figure out what it is that is missing before allowing your feelings for the other person to get out of hand.
      Perhaps it’s only a pipe dream, but I like to think that if your lover truly loves you, your attraction to other people goes without saying – we are all human after all and if they really love you they will trust you implicitly, unconditionally – but once you become aware that your feelings are advancing beyond the mere attraction stage, something needs to be done.

  2. tnkhubchandani

    If my lover gives me 100% why should i cheat her..If she cheats me..
    then i should leave her..because i do not want to waste my energy in charity.

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