Poll results – You secretly want …

My recent poll asked what you secretly want with regards to sex. The options were: want your man to take control; want to be on top all the time; want to be left alone; and other. One of the “other” answers was “want to be obeyed”.

The majority of you want your man (translate: lover) to take control. You really want no choice in the matter – they must do as they wish.

I’m happy to say that no one wanted to be left alone! Keep sharing the love! 🙂


3 responses to “Poll results – You secretly want …

  1. Nature says that as a rule man must have thrusting control, the driver in the tunnels. But sometimes roles can change for refreshing fantasies. It’s OK to let a lady driver take over once in a while. A refreshing break.

  2. Domination is an important part of sex, as long as it isn’t put completely above all other things (such as comfort, variety and immersion)

    • Absolutely! I think for a woman, knowing that the man is stronger, plays a lot into our fantasies. But everything has to be with agreeable limits, otherwise there’s no mutual enjoyment!

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