Tips – Ideas for romance

Couple jumping photostock freedigitalphotosRomance can be both daunting and elusive, but it can be an essential part of a relationship.

Romance need not bring about any stress, as it has a variety of meanings and is a completely subjective part of the relationship. What is romantic to one couple might not be romantic to another couple, so it really depends on personal experience and taste.

But you do need to get the basics right!

Here are five things about being romantic you should never forget:

1. Remember the language of romance: certain words epitomize the language of love, and come all the way from the courtly love traditions of France and England. Here are some words you should know.

2. Compliment your lover’s skills! Telling them how talented and unique they are is certain to cause a little butterfly burst in their stomach. They need to know that you believe they are worth being with.

3. Compliment your lover’s looks. It is so important that your lover knows how beautiful or handsome you think they are. Telling them how attractive you find them is sure to keep you in their good books!

4. Remember what your lover likes: the type of flowers; the kind of food; their favorite chocolate. Remembering small details such as these will show your lover you care.

5. Keep it simple. Remember that to be romantic you don’t need to be extravagant. There is no need to send up an airplane declaring your love, although it is an amazing gesture. It is the little romances every day that keeps the spark alive for the long-term.

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One response to “Tips – Ideas for romance

  1. Purdita Ma’am. I loved the tips. I’ll keep them in mind. Your 5th point made me love what you’ve said. It took me back to my teenage days when my love was innocent and true. Where I etched the name of a girl on a tree bark and waited for her every day. When in the dark of an evening I could see her standing by the wall, a small eave of her hand as I got inot the jeep to go away. I could recollect how I held the tree and cried for her. I went back to that town again searching for her but she had gone. I loved her so much I couldn’t do anything else but search for her. Another girl saw this and fell in love with me. later she told me that she found me romantic and passionate. Yeah, like you said, give it all or nothing. I didn’t cheat that girl. There was a point where no matter what I did I wouldn’t have found her. The other girl knew that. That to me romance. the madness of love. Sex is but a little tit bit. Important yes, but romance goes beyond all, even love.

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