Don’t fake it!

Photo by Dvortygirl

Do you ever pretend you can’t open that pickle jar just so you can make your man feel strong and sexy?

I’m bragging a bit here, but it’s very seldom that I do need my man to open a jar for me. He is, however, much stronger than me, and when I am confronted with a particularly stubborn jar, he’s the first one I’ll call upon.

But when I really thought about it, I have been bombarded by stories from the media for years about how giving your man menial tasks that show off his physical prowess are aimed at boosting his self-esteem and tapping into his “beastly” self as well as his “heroic” self. Subconsciously, women believe men have egos of crystal and need to be boosted with little deeds that we pout over and praise them for.

But this is untrue. Men already know that they are stronger than women, and reminding them of this fact isn’t going to improve your relationship in the slightest. If you can lie to your man about a little thing like not being able to open a jar just so you can heal his ego – which he doesn’t really need – what else do you believe about him without having spoken to him first?

This is a false conception, because men don’t need to know that they are strong – they need to know that you value their part in your relationship for reasons other than whether or not they can change a lightbulb for you – reasons that include being able to love and wanting to be loved.


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