Tips – Have a headache?

Image by m_bartoschWomen are renowned for using this excuse to get out of making love, mostly because we’re not in the mood, or for whatever reason.

My tip for this week: if you’re using this line as an excuse, rather be honest with your lover and tell them you’re not in the mood, you’re tired, you’re stressed at work… tell them the real reason you don’t want to make love.

Besides, you can’t really use the excuse because it has been proven that sex boosts your happiness levels, and this helps get rid of a headache – in other words, having sex and orgasming will relieve you in more ways than one.

If you really have a headache, here are some natural remedies you can try:

– Squeeze the juice out of three or four lemon slices into a cup of tea – it’s supposed to give immediate relief.

– Remove the rind and core of an apple and consume only the soft bits with a little bit of salt before eating.

– if your headache was caused by hot sun, rub some henna flowers – if you can find them! – in some vinegar and apply over your forehead.

– if your headache was caused by cold air, make a paste of the spice with water, and spread over the forehead and temples, or infuse rosemary leaves in water and inhale the smell for as long as you can.

– For nervous headaches, infuse marjoram leaves in some water and take it as a tea.

– Headaches can be prevented by a healthy diet and by drinking plenty of water. You can also try give yourself a hot foot bath, meditate or do some yoga!

Image by m_bartosch


2 responses to “Tips – Have a headache?

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  2. I offer a video of a quick, easy, on-the-spot, do-anywhere-any-time, natural way to immediately alleviate a headache (or hangover) here:

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