Position of the Month – the Spoon

The Spoon PositionThe Spoon is a very simple position, but it is not for everyone.

It involves both partners lying on their sides with the woman’s body cradled in her man’s. This allows the man to penetrate her from behind.

The position is ideal for deep penetration, but it works best slowly and rhythmically.

The partners can wrap their legs around each other to enhance the intimacy. While the man is free to play with his woman’s body, stroking her thighs, torso and breasts, he might want to cradle her head with one of his arms to make it more comfortable.

Another option is for him to wrap his arms around her underneath her shoulders – this is a comforting position.

This position is perfect for women who enjoy stimulating themselves through tight labia.

It is also popular because it is quite comfortable, and not strenuous at all. However, some couples may get bored with the mild stimulation.

The position is also popular for those practicing anal sex, if you’re into that sort of thing…

Last month’s position: Doggie-Style


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