Baby boomer parents supporting their adult children

Maybe I’m just being too judgemental, but I feel sad for all those parents still looking after their children who are way into adulthood already. I know this hasn’t anything to do with sex, but … in a way it does, because sex is about relationships and this is about relationships…

According to a recent study, over half of the Baby Boom-generation’s mothers support their children financially. Of the women who took part of the survey, nine percent said they had their children return to live with them for indefinite periods, while 12 percent were responsible for their adult children’s financial well-being. A shocking 31 percent of them had children who came back home with the intent of becoming independent, but they were still financially supporting them.

I think this is really horrible. Parents work their whole lives to help their children grow into responsible adults, and then they’re repaid by having to use the money they’ve saved for years for their own retirement to continue looking after their children.

I wonder what it is about that generation of parents – what was it in the manner that they raised their children to make it so their children aren’t financially independent?

Perhaps it has nothing to do with this, and everything to do with the fact that living in today’s and age is difficult and expensive. But if some people are making it without their parents, why can’t all of them? Maybe these baby boomer parents were so happy to have children that they let them get away with everything, gave them everything and continue to do so.

What are your views?


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