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Some of my personal experiences.

Personal Experience – an injection of motivation

Yesterday I’d been moping around uninspired and unmotivated until my lover pushed me into the bedroom, peeled off my clothing and gave me a good and thorough rogering.

He explored my body with one hand while holding my hips in position with the other as he pushed into me from behind. Of course, we all know this is my favorite position 😉  and he alternated with penetrating me with his rock-hard member and stroking my clitoral area with his hand and forearm.

He practically had me moaning for more as he put his legs either side of mine and started thrusting right into the heart of me.

My orgasm was long and made me giggle.


Personal Experience – The Kitchen

When my lover and I first met, one of my fantasies featured me waiting in his kitchen, as he sneaks up from behind and suddenly takes me, sending his fingers exploring up my shirt and down my pants, culminating in a steamy session against the counter.

I was pleasantly surprised to have this fantasy fulfilled not too long ago.

Though not surprised the way I’d imagined I would be, there was still surprise in my reaction as he approached me in the kitchen and promptly removed my trousers, only to turn me around, lean me against the counter and take me from behind.

I gripped the sides of the counter as I felt him fill me up, and I allowed the waves of my fantasy to improve the experience. But despite the fantasy, turning around to face him with my bum on the counter – surround him with my legs and thighs and look into his face as he enjoyed himself just as much – was strangely more satisfying than the fantasy itself.

Your fantasy? And have you enacted it?

Personal Experience – Toys

Before I’d been with my current lover, I had never used any toys – I was satisfied with my experiences of satisfying myself, as I simply had no  problem reaching satisfaction.

He bought me a purple dildo – because I love purple – but it unfortunately had the exact same purple colouring as a certain dinosaur we all know. Thus, it was called Barney.

I’d only tried to use Barney once, but the cold feeling isn’t really to my taste and I certainly prefer clitoral stimulation. Perhaps I should try one with a dolphin…

Anyhow, my lover has a penchant for these toys – we purchased a rather large dildo from the store which, though sadly lacking a dolphin or the ability to vibrate, it came complete with veins and testicles. This is my lover’s toy of choice. He alternates between it – dubbed Bob for some reason – and his own cock, but he’s explained that using the dildo gives him a break, prolonging his own moment of release.

Plus, he gets a view he wouldn’t ordinarily get.

Would you give this a go?

Trying something different

We had a marathon love-making session last night, and I feel almost as though I’m walking like Paul Newman in his patent leather boots.

Tried something different as well. Who knows why, but men love their porn, so I went down on him while he watched one of his porn films.

Yes, I know that porn is demeaning to women and all that, but seeing how turned on he was as I stroked and sucked help turn me on quite sufficiently.

Photo by The Naughty American

Why not try this? You don’t have to watch the porn yourself…

But if you sneak a peek you might find you like it. Maybe.

Mud-wrestling anyone?

Photo by Tom Godber

My lover has just asked me if I would take part in some healthy mud wrestling with another member of my gender.

Ordinarily his requests don’t rile me up as much as this one has. I don’t have a problem with other women, as – as per a previous request from my lover – I have dabbled in a little one-on-one with a woman.

No, it is not this request that has galled me – it is the wrestling in the mud thing.

I feel like there is nothing more demeaning than this. After years of men cheering on half-naked women as they wrestle against each other to whoops and calls of men hoping to see bosoms slide together in the wetness, I am left with a little bile in the back of my throat.

No, there’s nothing endearing about this challenge. I’m sure that wrestling is fun, but making an idiot of yourself as you flounder about is not a turn-on.

What do you think?