Purdita’s Plan

What is it about being a good girl that makes us feel as though we cannot enjoy sex and be naughty?

This blog intends to show all us “good girls” out there that we can be good but also be good at making love and loving ourselves!

Posts will broach subjects such as my own personal experiences,  techniques I have learned in my endeavours, ideas for satisfaction, words to think about, positions to try, games to play, toys to use, news to know and much more!

Vote in my polls, or submit your own story as a guest post, or if you would like some advice, send a question or problem to me and I’ll answer it on my Persuasions page.

I’d love to hear from you, about your experiences and your thoughts, so don’t be shy – get in contact!


One response to “Purdita’s Plan

  1. Wow! A lovely post. I am a guy and I love this post . It’s sexually exciting and love to learn about how a girl thinks. Thanks a lot for such a post.

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