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Sonograms compulsory before abortions?

Photo by Phaniop88, from FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Texan women will have to have a sonogram before they opt for an abortion.

According to the author of the bill, Republican state Representative Sid Miller said that this measure is aimed at making sure the women are “fully informed, that they understand the medical consequences, the psychological consequences and everything involved in the procedure”.

I translate this as meaning “emotional blackmail”. It means that if a woman is faced with the view of the little baby inside her, gets to hear its heartbeat, then they will feel bad, or feel love, or feel whatever, to inspire them to not abort the baby, regardless of the actual purpose for them to consider abortion.

Surely this type of thing could cause more psychological trauma because if the woman still wishes to go through with the abortion she’ll have that image and sound in her head for the rest of her life?

Photo by Phanlop88 from FreeDigitalPhotos.net