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Expect some rape if you wear a tube top?

Women have it tough as it is already, but now a Canadian judge has set a precedent that might make it more rough for us.

The judge, Justice Robert Dewar, was overseeing a case of rape against a Kenneth Rhodes, who apparently forced himself on a woman who was wearing high heels, a tube top and lots of make-up. The pair had also had a few rounds to drink.

But Dewar seems to think the poor man was just a “clumsy Don Juan” and society would not be any safer by putting him in jail, because, dressed like that, the woman was practically asking for it.

He said the case should not be seen as a precedent, but how else can we not see it that way? Simply because she was dressed the way she was she should have expected to be raped.

This statement goes along the same lines as the comments being bandied about over Lara Logan – that she deserved being raped and beaten by a mob of about 200 men because she was pretty and she was in a foreign country and because she didn’t cover her hair, usually a sign of a prostitute.


Mud-wrestling anyone?

Photo by Tom Godber

My lover has just asked me if I would take part in some healthy mud wrestling with another member of my gender.

Ordinarily his requests don’t rile me up as much as this one has. I don’t have a problem with other women, as – as per a previous request from my lover – I have dabbled in a little one-on-one with a woman.

No, it is not this request that has galled me – it is the wrestling in the mud thing.

I feel like there is nothing more demeaning than this. After years of men cheering on half-naked women as they wrestle against each other to whoops and calls of men hoping to see bosoms slide together in the wetness, I am left with a little bile in the back of my throat.

No, there’s nothing endearing about this challenge. I’m sure that wrestling is fun, but making an idiot of yourself as you flounder about is not a turn-on.

What do you think?