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Personal Experience – The Kitchen

When my lover and I first met, one of my fantasies featured me waiting in his kitchen, as he sneaks up from behind and suddenly takes me, sending his fingers exploring up my shirt and down my pants, culminating in a steamy session against the counter.

I was pleasantly surprised to have this fantasy fulfilled not too long ago.

Though not surprised the way I’d imagined I would be, there was still surprise in my reaction as he approached me in the kitchen and promptly removed my trousers, only to turn me around, lean me against the counter and take me from behind.

I gripped the sides of the counter as I felt him fill me up, and I allowed the waves of my fantasy to improve the experience. But despite the fantasy, turning around to face him with my bum on the counter – surround him with my legs and thighs and look into his face as he enjoyed himself just as much – was strangely more satisfying than the fantasy itself.

Your fantasy? And have you enacted it?