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Satisfying Yourself

I believe that self-satisfaction is fundamental to one’s sexuality.

Exploring your body and discovering what it is that you like with regards to pleasure will not only allow you to be aware of your body and learn to love it, but also how to show your lover how to please you.

If you have never satisfied yourself before, why not try it now? It’s not difficult, and I’m certain once you discover the in’s and out’s  of what your own body wants and needs, it is something you might consider doing at least once a week. And if you really can’t wait. Or if you’re bored.

I find that it helps me to sleep.

Remember that your body is your own, and there is nothing wrong with loving it and yourself.

If you’re shy, start by touching yourself through your underwear – this is how I started, and I still find a lot of pleasure in being conservative yet still finding out what I like.

Pleasuring myself sexually has also become an important part of myself and my lover’s sex life. Remember that it can be a turn-on for him as well.