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Tips – Giving a great handjob

Handjob by Johann Nepomuk GeigerThe most important thing to remember when it comes to getting your man off by hand is lubrication!

It has to be wet, slimy, slippery – if your hand gets sticky, it might chaff and this will get you, and him, nowhere.

How you keep his erection slippery is up to you – there are several lubricants on the market, but I would suggest going for a water-based lube instead of an oil-based one. KY Jelly is also not recommended, as it seems to work best with your natural secretions.

A good way to start is to ask your man beforehand how he masturbates. If he’s open enough, he might give you a hint or two on how he likes it.

Remember that his lower erogenous zones are not focused on his penis alone – his testacles can also be very sensitive and feeling you play with them can be very erotic. There is also the anogenital region, which, for some men, is great for stimulation. Apparently the area just below the head of his erect penis on the bottom is also very sensitive, so try that spot as well. Again, every man is different, so try to ask questions as you go along to make sure you’re getting it right.

Another trick is to vary the amount that you close your hand around his erection. Try tightening and loosening your fingers alternately – you’ll know how your man is liking it. Try to think about the rhythm and stroke your man uses when he is making love to you, and attempt to simulate it. Sometimes it’s fast and sometimes it’s slow, but the way your man reacts to your touch is really your cue on how well you’re doing and how much he’s enjoying it.

You can also try to use both hands, as this covers more surface area.

Try to tease him a little with your tongue and your mouth, but since this is a handjob, try not to get too carried away down there!


Tips – Be happy!

Photo by Lavoview, from FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Although a bit off-topic, 160 studies on the link between a good state of mind and longevity show that happier people are healthier and live longer.

As an example, they proffer a study of 5 000 university students, whom were followed throughout their lives. The students who were more pessimistic died younger.

So, my tips on being happy are:

– Be grateful for what you have, because many people don’t even have that.

– Look around you and appreciate the beauty of the world, be it a ray of sunshine coming into your room or a flower on the side of the road.

– Stop thinking in terms of “I can’t” and think in terms of “I deserve”. All humans deserve to be happy and healthy, to have a job they love, hobbies they enjoy and a happy relationship. When you stop thinking of these things in the way that you can’t have them, they will make their way to you.

– Believe that everything happens for a reason. Doors that have been closed to you only open other doors, but you need to be aware of their existence, otherwise they’ll disappear.

– Get a pet! Feeling responsible for and looking after another creature gives you a feeling that you’re needed. And it has been proven that people with pets are happier. It doesn’t have to be a dog if you don’t like dogs – there are many things that you can devote yourself to.

– Go outside. Fresh air will help clear your mind, and walking on the earth will ground you. Take your pet out for a walk – even if it’s an iguana!

– Masturbate! 🙂 This has an uncanny way of making you feel better! Promise!

Photo by Lavoview from FreeDigitalPhotos.net