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More men undergoing cosmetic surgery

We always complain as women that we are tired of society’s standards for attractiveness being applied to us, but perhaps it is the same for men?

Besides, they are confronted by lean, lithe men wherever they look: television ads, films, Sports Illustrated and other magazines, even pornography – and their wives and girlfriends are daydreaming about the “ruggedly handsome” men they read about in their erotic novels. Why would they not feel intimidated by these chiselled men?

And it seems that, for some men, this intimidation has worn off their esteem to make them want to go for the ole’ nip-tuck.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of men opting for facelifts increased by 14% last year compared to 2009. Men also underwent over 1.1 million cosmetic procedures. The fastest-growing cosmetic procedures among men are: facelifts; ear surgery; soft tissue fillers; botulinum toxin type A; liposuction; male breast reduction :O ; Eyelid surgery; dermabrasion; laser hair removal; and laser treatment of leg veins.

Curiously, many of the men are known as “men’s men” – the kind of men you wouldn’t expect to have even considered such procedures.

So girls, you’re not the only ones! Does this make you consider having cosmetic surgery more seriously?