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Seven places to make love

Sexy Couple by Dynamite ImageryCouples usually retreat to the bedroom to make love, but this is a simple way of falling into a habit.

Why not add some spice to your sex life and make love in a different place?

1. The bath – Although this might seem like an uncomfortable place to make love, especially if you have a small bath, this is some of the intrigue behind making love here. Making love in the bathroom is the ideal place to have a giggle and a laugh, because simply trying to get into a position where your man can be inside you is part of the fun.

2. The kitchen counter – Making love on the kitchen counter adds a bit of sleaze to your lovemaking. Usually making love in the kitchen is not associated with lengthy oral sex or intimate touching, but rather quick, dirty and passionate sex.

3. On a couch – Making love in your lounge adds some excitement to your routine, simply because it is not normally a place that you would make love. The worry about making a mess is exciting, and remembering the last naughty thing the pair of you did on that couch when your parents or friends visit gives you and your lover a secret to share and smile knowingly at each other about.

4. In the car – I’ll admit that this is still on my to-do list, but I imagine that making love in the car adds a teen sense of adventure to your lovemaking. You know, sort of like a stolen moment or a spontaneous decision.

5. On the stairs – This is another one of those times when you can make a memory to giggle about, and if you’re in the right position, you might have a great orgasm with the risky feeling you get that you might be caught. Even if it’s your private stairs at home.

6. Against the wall – Making love against the wall is quite a feat for a couple, but what’s nice about it is that both partners have to put some effort into the lovemaking. The woman needs to use her hips and legs to keep the rhythm created by her man. If her man is really strong, he can lift her up and down on his shaft, which also makes the woman a little more excited, if for no other reason than her man is passionate enough to put in so much effort.

7. In an unfamiliar bed – Making love in a bed you’ve never been in before, and one in which countless couples have made love, also adds some edge to your lovemaking.

What is important to remember about making love in different places is that it really depends on your mood whether you enjoy it or not. If you’re not feeling particularly voyeuristic, making love on the stairs might not do it for you.

These different options are also great for role-playing adventures.

Image by Dynamite Imagery


When he’s away

Woman faceThere are certainly times when your lover is not with you for a while.

I know you miss him terribly – the bed is cold; the room is silent; you are thinking about him and missing his smell, his taste…

As you lie there, you decide you need some satisfaction. But, if you’re in a committed relationship, is there any satisfaction to be had?

Of course there is! As I’ve explained before, satisfying yourself is the first step to discovering your own sexuality. The most important points to remember are:

– There’s nothing wrong with exploring your body;

– Do what makes you feel the best: I know my lover has these images in his head that women use practically their whole hands inside and around their delicate areas (a la pornography), but if all you need is a little clitoral stimulation, that’s ok!

– Breathe deeply – this intensifies the feeling and gives you more of an intense orgasm.

Things you can try include using a well-purchased toy – if you like them, of course – rub yourself through your panty to give you that first-time feel, restrict your legs (ie we all open our legs when we enjoy making love – try to keep your legs open-yet-closed), or try masturbating in a different part of the house, like in your office chair or in the bath.

Let me know if you’ve tried these techniques? And how did they feel?

Trying something different

We had a marathon love-making session last night, and I feel almost as though I’m walking like Paul Newman in his patent leather boots.

Tried something different as well. Who knows why, but men love their porn, so I went down on him while he watched one of his porn films.

Yes, I know that porn is demeaning to women and all that, but seeing how turned on he was as I stroked and sucked help turn me on quite sufficiently.

Photo by The Naughty American

Why not try this? You don’t have to watch the porn yourself…

But if you sneak a peek you might find you like it. Maybe.

Touch and touch some more

Never underestimate the power of touch. Touch is the basis of any relationship, and of sex in all its forms.

Make sure you touch your lover aplenty – on the arm, on the face, on the neck, even on their unmentionables (if you’re comfortable with having your’s touched in return!)

Touch is a way to tell you lover you’re attracted to them – that you want to be close to them.

Sometimes this is all the encouragement they need to move from worrying about whether or not to initiate sex to taking you right then and there.

Satisfying Yourself

I believe that self-satisfaction is fundamental to one’s sexuality.

Exploring your body and discovering what it is that you like with regards to pleasure will not only allow you to be aware of your body and learn to love it, but also how to show your lover how to please you.

If you have never satisfied yourself before, why not try it now? It’s not difficult, and I’m certain once you discover the in’s and out’s  of what your own body wants and needs, it is something you might consider doing at least once a week. And if you really can’t wait. Or if you’re bored.

I find that it helps me to sleep.

Remember that your body is your own, and there is nothing wrong with loving it and yourself.

If you’re shy, start by touching yourself through your underwear – this is how I started, and I still find a lot of pleasure in being conservative yet still finding out what I like.

Pleasuring myself sexually has also become an important part of myself and my lover’s sex life. Remember that it can be a turn-on for him as well.