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Position of the Month – the Spoon

The Spoon PositionThe Spoon is a very simple position, but it is not for everyone.

It involves both partners lying on their sides with the woman’s body cradled in her man’s. This allows the man to penetrate her from behind.

The position is ideal for deep penetration, but it works best slowly and rhythmically.

The partners can wrap their legs around each other to enhance the intimacy. While the man is free to play with his woman’s body, stroking her thighs, torso and breasts, he might want to cradle her head with one of his arms to make it more comfortable.

Another option is for him to wrap his arms around her underneath her shoulders – this is a comforting position.

This position is perfect for women who enjoy stimulating themselves through tight labia.

It is also popular because it is quite comfortable, and not strenuous at all. However, some couples may get bored with the mild stimulation.

The position is also popular for those practicing anal sex, if you’re into that sort of thing…

Last month’s position: Doggie-Style


Position of the Month – Basic Doggie Style

By Seedfeeder

I have to admit that this position is one of my favorites!

It’s all about the woman and the man giving in to their primal animal-like instincts. Both partners are on their knees, with the woman on all-fours and the man usually gripping her hips from behind.

The position is great for men because they get ultimate penetration while they also have an unobstructed view as the penetrator. They also have greater control over the thrusting, and can be more vigorous. The man also has the use of his hands, which can wander all over your body, tweaking your nipples, massaging your back or stimulating your clitoris while still getting the thrusting right.

For the woman, it is one of the best positions to hit the g-spot, especially if the man puts his legs on either side of yours, pushes his weight forward and rides down at you with his penis in a downward position.

What I like most about this position is that the man can also grab a hold of one of your shoulders as he thrusts, or tug at your hair to bring out the animal in you, or easily manoeuvre you into a standing or kneeling position with ease.

Grr! Go get him! 🙂

Position of the Month: Missionary

It is no coincidence that I choose missionary position as the first position to deal with in this monthly series – it is one of the most neglected positions in mainstream media, as for some reason being risque and using more acrobatic positions are the flavour of the era.

Missionary position is, as we all know, easy to accomplish. It is also an all-round pleasure bringer: your lover can reach in as deep as he likes, and if he bothers with your orgasm, the movement of his pelvis can combine with his thrusting movements in a way that is very pleasing for the woman’s clitoris.

The trick for the woman is sometimes deep strokes inside and shallow strokes of the pelvis – this sounds complicated, but with practice is quite simple. The strokes should also be perfectly timed, because we all know our ladies are a little picky when it comes to clitoral stimulation. Keeping a rhythm is the trick here, boys and girls. Remember, it’s not the size of the waves but the motion of the ocean!