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Tips – Staying together when times are tough

Sad couple photostock freedigitalphotosMajor events can disrupt the gentle movement of your relationship, and sometimes it won’t survive.

Here are the most important things to remember to survive the big changes:

1. Communication
Never stop speaking to each other. Communication is the key to happiness, and honesty is the best policy. It will do neither of you good if both of you wish only to avoid an argument. Sharing burden will make it lighter; not sharing it will place you in a position where you’ll feel separated from your partner when you need them the most.

2. Support each other
Be there for one another through everything. Remember not to break your partner down, and help them to build their confidence in any means possible. Make each other feel better about, not only themselves, but the situation too, and being positive will help make them positive as well.

3. Don’t blame!
When you seem to be struggling up a long hill, it’s easy to blame your partner for getting you onto that hill, but remember that this is not wise, nor is it productive. Make each other feel better, not worse.

4. Understand that times are tough
Remember that during at times like these, it is the most important thing to realise that this is so, and try to understand what it is your partner is going through – it shouldn’t be too difficult! After all, you’re going through it as well.

5. Remember you’re a team
When you signed up to be with yuor partner, you signed up to be part of the most important team in your life. Remember that neither of you can do alone what you can do together. Discuss and plan and enact everything together, and involve each other in everything.

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Three years too many for couples?

Happy couple

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It seems that the seven-year-itch has evolved along with our stressful and faster times: the tipping point where couples begin taking each other for granted is now the “three-year-glitch”.

The faster-paced lifestyle of 21st century inhabitants has caused 36 months to be the time when stress levels in relationships peak. This is the time, apparently, when “pink passes” and single holidays from partners and spouses are resorted to.

This is according to a survey of 2 000 British adults in steady relationships, and also comes ahead of the new film “Hall Pass”, which features a group of men who’ve been given a month off to do anything they’d like as single men again.

After three years, sex decreases, those little things that were once endearing are now annoying, the compliments decrease, and individual space becomes more important.

Are you in a long-term relationship? And what have you found?

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Tips – 10 things good girls can learn from porn

Every man has watched porn. You heard me – every man.

Why do women not watch porn? Mostly it’s for personal reasons along the line of seeing women being taken advantage of and objectified for men’s pleasure.

But what is wrong with being a sex object sometimes?

Here are ten things good girls might learn from watching porn, if they were interested:

Men like a view

Our men love to see what they’re doing, what we’re doing, where they’re going – everything. They want to see it all. So why not set up mirrors to give your man an overall view of what he’s up to? Can’t stand mirrors? Just close your eyes and enjoy the moment!

Don’t negotiate with sexual favours

If you’re going down on your man because you want him to take out the trash and not because you know he enjoys it, stop! Things that turn you on should not be rationed and negotiated. If you’re in a loving relationship, you please him because you want to please him, and he will do the same.

Men are highly visual

This means that they use their eyes more than their imaginations (note: this is just a generalisation, but men do fantasize as well!), so enhance your experience with your lover by wearing some sexy lingerie, leaving on your sigh-high heels, making some extra effort to get him aroused. Also, never underestimate the power of your flesh! Men love to see you naked just as much, and even more, than they do seeing you squished up in uncomfortable and scratchy corsets. It’s also all about the surprise – if he’s not expecting it, do it!

Be vocal

Aside from experiencing things in a visual way, men also like to hear your arousal. If you stick to a set of phrases to show you’re turned on, why not add to your script with statements of what you like that’s he’s doing right now, or asking him if he likes what you’re doing. You can even give him a play-by-play of what he’s doing to you, adding in little notes of pleasure here and there for effect.

Experiment with what he likes

Everyone is different – you yourself are a case-in-point. Play with your lover’s body and find out what they like, because they have dozens of erogenous zones. Play around with his body, and remember not to take offense if what you do isn’t pleasing him just because you thought it would. Just giggle and take it in your stride as you move on to a different spot.

Know what you like

Pleasing your man is just as important as pleasing yourself. Find out what works for you, because not knowing what you like or what turns you on the most is like a deaf man leading the blind. Once you know how to please yourself, you can involve your man by teaching him how, showing off while you’re making love, or turning yourself on even more.

Men love blow-jobs

Judging by the frequency of oral sex in films, you can gather that men have a thing for blow-jobs. Just you being in that area and suggesting going down on him is good enough to get his blood pumping. Make sure they can see you!

Get a toy

Sometimes having a toy is all you need to spice up your sex life a little. It will help you and your lover find new ways of pleasure, while it will also give him a break!

Don’t be afraid to fantasize

Porn is all about the fantasy – it’s all about doing something you wouldn’t normally do. The trick is to be open about your fantasies, and not take offense at what turns your partner on. In fact, these fantasies can bring an extra dimension to your sex life because sharing them creates intimacy and sparks amazing sex. Discuss your boundaries beforehand, and decide how you will signal to your partner that you’ve had enough of the scenario. But don’t take part in anything that makes you uncomfortable! Remember that sex involves two people – not just one.

Men really want to please you

Although the whole object of pornography is to please men, the films are really about pleasing the women. Depending on the type of pornography you’re watching, you will never see a woman not enjoying what she is participating in. Men really enjoy pleasing women, and this is why they enjoy everything being done to them, and let their men know vocally. So make sure you let your man know exactly how much you like what he’s doing to you.

What kind of relationship are you in?

Society today seems to encourage polyamorosity – you take who you want when you want it, whether it’s three women at the time, or one.

If you choose to be in a monogamous relationship, people almost look down on you because they believe that it is impossible for two people to completely commit to one another. I’d like to think that these views have a lot to do with what the media portrays regarding relationships. Films and series are filled with illicit relationships despite marriages being involved.

Even the youth of today cannot really seem to agree on what kind of relationship they have decided to be involved in.

Young couples have supposedly discussed monogamy, with a supposed agreement being reached. But a study of heterosexual couples found that one partner believed they had agreed to be sexually exclusive while the other believed there was no agreement.

How is this possible? Is it so easy for people to disregard a conversation or confuse the outcome of their discussion on monogamy?

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