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Mud-wrestling anyone?

Photo by Tom Godber

My lover has just asked me if I would take part in some healthy mud wrestling with another member of my gender.

Ordinarily his requests don’t rile me up as much as this one has. I don’t have a problem with other women, as – as per a previous request from my lover – I have dabbled in a little one-on-one with a woman.

No, it is not this request that has galled me – it is the wrestling in the mud thing.

I feel like there is nothing more demeaning than this. After years of men cheering on half-naked women as they wrestle against each other to whoops and calls of men hoping to see bosoms slide together in the wetness, I am left with a little bile in the back of my throat.

No, there’s nothing endearing about this challenge. I’m sure that wrestling is fun, but making an idiot of yourself as you flounder about is not a turn-on.

What do you think?