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11yos being provided with condoms

I am of the firm belief that children should not be having sex until they are adults. Sex brings along a whole bunch of emotions, beliefs and experiences that children should really not be worrying about in their formative years.

Do you agree?

Well, apparently 11 year olds in Philadelphia in the US don’t.

Health officials apparently have no choice in the matter, and have been forced to provide children as young as 11 with condoms.

The city has the highest number of sexually active teens below the age of 13 among big cities. Children are cutting school to have sex – even to have mini-orgies – while others don’t even bother leaving the school grounds.

So now I am faced with a conundrum, because I believe that these children are way too young to be even thinking of sex, nevermind having sex! But they are, obviously, and condoms will at least protect them from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

What is the problem here? Why are children who are so young engaging in sexual acts? Is it parenting? Is it lack of supervision? Is it too much sex on television? Is it access to porn? What do you think?


Baby boomer parents supporting their adult children

Maybe I’m just being too judgemental, but I feel sad for all those parents still looking after their children who are way into adulthood already. I know this hasn’t anything to do with sex, but … in a way it does, because sex is about relationships and this is about relationships…

According to a recent study, over half of the Baby Boom-generation’s mothers support their children financially. Of the women who took part of the survey, nine percent said they had their children return to live with them for indefinite periods, while 12 percent were responsible for their adult children’s financial well-being. A shocking 31 percent of them had children who came back home with the intent of becoming independent, but they were still financially supporting them.

I think this is really horrible. Parents work their whole lives to help their children grow into responsible adults, and then they’re repaid by having to use the money they’ve saved for years for their own retirement to continue looking after their children.

I wonder what it is about that generation of parents – what was it in the manner that they raised their children to make it so their children aren’t financially independent?

Perhaps it has nothing to do with this, and everything to do with the fact that living in today’s and age is difficult and expensive. But if some people are making it without their parents, why can’t all of them? Maybe these baby boomer parents were so happy to have children that they let them get away with everything, gave them everything and continue to do so.

What are your views?

Want an abortion in South Dakota?


Sad woman

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I like to think that my body is my own, and what I do with it is up to me.

But South Dakota in the US has become the first state in the country to make it compulsory for all women who want an abortion to attend a consultation at “pregnancy help centers” to learn about any help they can get to keep the child.

I know that abortion is a difficult subject for many people, because, firstly, people – I say people because it is not only the woman involved in sex – can protect protect themselves from pregnancy, and secondly, because it’s a little life inside of you that you’re killing.

My issue about this law though is that if a woman is raped, it means she has to keep the baby. Never mind the fact that it was made in fear, horror, hate, power, control… and not love. If she can look after the baby, she has to have it. Sure, she can give the child up for adoption if that is one of the options allowed, but we all know how much emotional and psychological pain this causes for both the child and the mother in the future.

Another thing I’m wondering about: the US is trying to cut funding for Planned Parenthood, an organization focused on helping people plan for and deal with children. The organization has been struck out at for supporting abortion, and this is why the funding is being cut. But are there other such organizations in the country? What are these supposed “pregnancy help centers” they are talking about if Planned Parenthood no longer exists? Without a dedicated organization that can deal with your issue professionally, will you have to go to a clinic to attend these consultations? Or, even worse, a police station?

Photo by Graur Codrin from FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Dressing for success

I’ve often wondered why there are so many teenage girls out there who dare to bare as much as possible when they go out. What is it about dressing scantily that makes them think their dress sense will inspire admiration for their fashion sense?

Well, admittedly they’re only doing it to impress the male halves of our species, who catcall and whistle to show their admiration. Why is it that this is the kind of attention they think they should be getting?

But at the heart of it all, we have to ask, as Jennifer Moses asks, “Why do so many of us not only permit our teenage daughters to dress like this – like prostitutes, if we’re being honest with ourselves – but pay for them to do it with our AmEx cards?”

If we do deplore the way these girls, and perhaps our very own daughters, dress, why do we not deplore our own insanity in actually purchasing these items for them?

I am actually of the opinion that some parents of today would rather drop their daughters off at the nearest mall with their very own purchasing card just to get them out of the way for the day. So the parents are not technically the ones “allowing” their children to buy the clothes because they’re not actually there to monitor the clothes being bought. However, handing their children money for the day out or their own credit cards – a la Paris Hilton – is facilitating them.

What do you think?

Viagra harms older women?


I read an article the other day that spoke about whether viagra, though doing some amazing things for the limp and lonely older men of the world, might be doing a major disservice to the women of similar age.

Older women go through many bodily changes, as a result of menopause. Changes include decreased elasticity in their vagina, less lubrication, thinning tissue, and tightening of the vaginal opening – in other words, having sex would about as pleasurable as stubbing your toe – over and over.

It appears that many medical practitioners disregard the women in a relationship with their client, and are not included in the husband’s decision to restore his ability to have more sex, resulting in either unpleasant sex or many arguments with their men.

Viagra has also been described as a rescuer of aging relationships, but it cannot heal harmed relationships.

But perhaps this is the market for which FSD medication can make a difference. As long as these pills don’t focus on healing a lower libido and aim to aid lubrication and elasticity.

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